Happy new year

Dear readers,
It might look like it has been a bit quiet for missioncuba lately, but this is certainly not the case! I am very proud to announce that the first issue of EmbrACE has been published, which is the faculty magazine where I am writing a column on my experience in Cuba. Of course, I need to share the article I wrote with you, my lovely readers. The topic of the first issue of EmbrACE was “home”, and therefore I wrote on what ‘home’ means for ordinary Cubans.
We are now currently working on the next issue where I am of course also writing on Cuba. I will keep you up to date about it. Also, I gave my first lecture as a Cuba “expert” at The Hague University of Applied Sciences where I discussed with International Public Management and International Law students whether Cuba is a socialist dream or failed project. We also talked about the mistakes which have been made and how they could have been avoided. I will also try to get the slides online for you with some explanations.

I cannot believe that it has been one year since I ended my travels. The year has passed way too fast, and Cuba is still in my heart. I still follow it closely, and I have also come across some new interesting articles and documentaries which I will share with you.
And of course, I did not finish telling you about my personal travel story! Slow is smooth and smooth is fast (Phil Dunphey, Modern Family). We will get there!

I hope that you will still bear with me, and I am excited to start my second year as a blogger!

Forever yours,



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