Organic Farming in Cuba under threat of Monsanto&Co?

As a political scientist with a special interest in the field of International Political Economy, I am of course very concerned regarding the development in the world towards more aggressive ways of production, especially multi national companies which harm countries and its people economically but also environmentally. One of the things I worry about immensely is the food production business, including bio chemical products and of course- GMOs. Monsanto especially is a company which in my opinion is one of the big masters regarding manipulation and evil conquest of the world through its illegal actions to dominate and basically own food production through its patents on GMOs and fertilizers. One of the things I admire about Cuba, even though of course the isolation also has its negative effects- is the aspect that Cuba is still free of all those toxic means in agriculture and therefore the food there is organic and safe. Mostly from small scale farmers and then sold on markets or shops on the streets. I talked to many people in Cuba about this issue and surprisingly, they are aware of the tricks and nasty games that are played in the rest of the world by multi-national corporations and they are also very critical with regards to agriculture. They acknowledged that the threat was there to lose Cuba’s pure agriculture to Monsanto, etc. but they also said that the Cuban government, as well as the Cuban people won’t allow this to happen to their country and that they are proud of their organic and natural products. Let’s hope that the following generations will also see the issue in the same perspective and that Cuban products will remain natural and free from toxic fertilizers and genetic manipulation.
Watch this video to see for yourself what farming is like in Cuba and how innovative Cuban farms are (I am sure that some of you thought that farms in Cuba are old-fashioned and primitive).

You can also read the transcript here


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