Summit of the America’s: Turning point in US-Cuba relations?

Until now, Most of my posts were focused on my time in Cuba. Although it’s been a couple of months since I am back, I still follow the development in Cuba closely.
When I was there, I saw the speech that Raul Castro held in parliament. Honestly, I did not understand much, was rather confused and did not pay too much attention to it. When I watched a concert and baseball game that was held in order to celebrate the return of the Cuban Five, everything started to make some more sense. And of course, I talked to many Cubans about the development of the relations between the United States of America, the state that has rejected Cuban’s revolution and was angry about their backed dictator Batista who had ensured to the US that Cuba would be sort of a Las Vegas island for the US and who could exploit the island of its resources. The United States, that has ruined the country because of its isolating policies and economic blockade.

And now? Obama and Castro shook hands the day before yesterday at the summit of the Americas. Turning point or just empty words?

”A significant change in policy and the relations between the two governments”

”After a policy that had not changed for fifty years on the part of the United States. It is my belief that it was time to try something new.” – Obama

The CNN reporter continues to talk about the differences between the two states that will remain. She notes that on one hand, Cuba is a one-party communist state whereas the United States represents a democracy and that it promotes democracy and freedom all over the world
HOLD ON! We see again, the assumption that A is good and B is bad. Even though both states are now trying to get normal relations, it is the core attitude that hinders successful cooperation. THE UNITED STATES IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. That’s a fact. CUBA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. That’s also a fact. One could argue, that the US is more free than Cuba, that might be right, but still there are many things which go horribly wrong and I personally believe that politics in the US is insanely dirty.
One thing which makes Cuba however a country which makes a greater effort is that they acknowledge that not everything is going great. They say that their economy has problems, they try reforms, Cubans also say that you have to be careful of what you are saying- but they are honest, not hypocrites.

(statement starts 37:33)

You can see again how the role of the US at the Summit of the Americas is focused on the economy- he speaks of ”commercial opportunities” and trade, also he announces the sums that the US will guarantee. What about bigger problems? Crime? Violence? Drug wars in Colombia, Mexiko and Peru?
Speaking of Cuba, he underlines the diplomatic relations, commerce and small contacts.
The thing that the Cuban people is waiting for however is a clear explanation:
Why was this hostile way conducted? Is the US going to acknowledge that Cuba decided to go a different way? Will the US tolerate it? We are waiting for Obama to spill it out: The blockade was a mistake. And it is a shame that it took them more than 50 years to start normal interaction again.

I am tired. Tired of this ”we believe in human rights and democracy”- blabla although everyone knows that the US is also not respecting it: Iraq? Afghanistan? Killing masses of civilians in drone strikes in Pakistan? Snowden? Fracking? NSA spying on the entire world? US not even signing international treaties like the Rome Statute (ICC)?

The Cuban people are extremely critical. During my travels, I have seen people, angry about the USA, angry about the problems of their country as well. They are not stupid. They won’t trust the USA blindly. Without honesty and a clear start from scratch, these new ties won’t be stable.

But hey. It’s a beginning at least… Right?


2 thoughts on “Summit of the America’s: Turning point in US-Cuba relations?

  1. Please please differentiate between the parties in the US, a lot of their crappy policies do come from the republican side. Also how do you define a democracy? If you believe that it’s defined by it’s “cleanliness” then which countries fall under that? Germany sure as hell doesn’t.


    • ok, first:
      democracy. demos=people. The people should decide. Are they doing that now in Germany/the US/France/etc? No. We have the ”power” to elect parties as we believe that they are going to do what they promised to us, but this is not happening. And oh no, I am one of Germany’s biggest critics. I voted for the social democrats in the elections and they promised that they would get rid of coal industry, no TTIP, etc. but well who is winning in the end…. the lobbyists.
      There is no core democracy in this world unfortunately. Because the will of the people is being ignored.
      And regarding your point of different politics in the US. Yes and no.
      Obama promised change. What is happening?
      – no privacy. The NSA is spying on everyone
      -Guantanamo is still not closed
      -98% of drone attacks hit civilians, about 2000 innocent people were killed in Yemen, Pakistan, etc. (there is a great Amnesty report on that issue)
      -whenever there is a problem in the world, what is the answer? ”Lethal defense weapons” (Obama’s answer to Ukraine and arming the ”less radical rebel groups” in Syria)
      And Ms. Clinton already announced that if she got elected her response to matters such as in Iraq and Syria would be harsher….
      Or what do you think?


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