Day 14:Santiago de Cuba, or: Not again, Cubans!!

Of course, I got annoyed by some random guys again. There was this man that just started following me on the streets. He did not leave, he just continued walking next to me and following me everywhere I went- even though I told him to leave. So I thought that ignoring him was fine. He then turned out to be quite nice, he bought me beers and told me that he had a child and that he was separated from the mom. Wow, surprise (note sarcasm). Don’t they have anything to do? No work? No household duties? Hobbies? Strange.

I then told him that I wanted to go to the rum mu20141227_111851seum- and guess what. He continued following me. I thought that the museum entrance would stop him- No it didn’t. He paid entrance (at least he did not make me pay stuff) and continued following me and talking to me. I got angry and told him to stop talking since I needed to concentrate for my museum tour. Pff.
I enjoyed a nice rum tasting- OMG, Santiago de Cuba 7 year rum! It tastes like heaven. You can drink it pure and it tastes really soft in your throat.

The guy didn’t even leave after the museum tour and then I told him that I needed to talk to my boyfriend ALONE, ON MY OWN. He first wanted to come with me as well but then I got super angry. He told me that he would look for me in the evening again at the Parque Cespedes- the most central point in Santiago. Great oO

I had a ridiculously short talk with my boyfriend and a guy who was talking on the phone next to mine even started flirting with me while I was on the phone! I yelled at him that he should shut up and that I was talking to my boyfriend and if he didn’t have any respect and decency. FUCKER.

In such moments, I just hated being a woman there travelling by myself. People often report that Santiago is rough, that people try to rip you off, that it is dangerous, etc. I did not feel that way. The only thing that annoyed me horribly were the guys that kept annoying (molestar) me.

It even got worse that day. Another guy who talked to me while I was sitting in a park and writing asked me if he could invite me for a Mojito. He was really nice and interesting and I told him right at the beginning that if a) He was looking for someone to fuck or have a fake relationship then he was talking to the wrong tourist and b) He wanted my money he should go away since I would not buy anything for him or give him money. He said t20141226_092048hat he was just interested in getting to know my culture since as Cubans they did not have the opportunity to travel. Alright. We had a drink and I even told him about the awful people who constantly try to rip off tourists and how awful the mentality of some people had got. He couldn’t believe it and said that it was horrible and shameful and that he was different. He asked me if I wanted to go out tonight after the drinks but I declined.
Then I wanted to leave. I put the money for my Mojito on the table and got up to leave. The guy got up as well, but he did not make any gestures to pay. I didn’t care and was about to open the door when the bartender came and said that there was only money for one drink although we had two. We both looked at the guy and I said
‘’Don’t you want to pay for your drink??”
Guy: ‘’But.. I don’t have any money with me’’
Me: “WHAT? Are you kidding me?? And you wanted to go out afterwards without ANY MONEY? You are leaving your house, INVITING a girl for a drink, getting drinks and then expecting me to pay for the both of us?? How RUDE are you? Don’t you have any RESPECT? In my country, it is not normal to ask people to pay for everything, we share or invite the other one for drinks, and if we don’t have money, then we don’t have drinks!’’
Guy: ‘’sorry’’.
So, I threw the three CUCs on the table and went home. I refused to let him walk me home and when he asked me if we could see each other again then I just laughed.

The next day, of course, when I was sitting in a Café (Café Ven) and the guy showed up. (HOW is that even possible? They have absolutely nothing to do and just hang out in Cafes and parks the whole day) and he said hi and grabbed a seat to join my table. I told him that I didn’t want his company and that he should leave. He smiled and ordered a coffee. I asked him if he had money with him and that I would definitely not pay for him again. He laughed (what an asshole) and said that he would pay for it himself. I just ignored him and kept writing.  He then asked me if I would talk to him and I said ‘’no’’. He finally then got up and said ‘’Yo me voy.’’ I ignored it.

I was soooooooooooo done.


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