Santiago de Cuba,or: Lucky Castros

That day, it was my active day. I was fresh after my long sleep the day before and I was highly motivated to see some culture. I got up and took a cheap cab (just some random guy) to the Cuartel Moncada, the place where the revolution actually had started. On 26 July 1953, Fidel, Raul and some 60 friends stormed this military fort in the centre of Santiago de Cuba. Only one person of them knew the city, and so on their way there they a20141227_100608lready got lost. It was horribly organized and almost all of them got killed. (well, duh.) It was a complete disaster and Fidel, Raul and some other lucky ones who survived got imprisoned. In prison, they killed again some of the survivors and of course both Castro’s survived (although the media falsely reported Fidel’s death). The handsome and charismatic Fidel had at that time already large public support and therefore did not get killed- in court he declared ‘’La historia me absolvera!’’ (History will release me- which we all know then happened in the end). Lucky Castros! If they had been killed, the whole action would have been regarded as a funny and sad coup d’etat attempt which failed. But now, we see it as the beginning of something which shaped history significantly. This action showed the military regime that Cuba was mobilizing and that the days of the regime were about to end.


Like every Cuban museum, the building mainly consists of quotes, pictures and items (clothes, weapons, etc) that were used during the coup attempt. So not really a big thing. If you are not in to history then just going there and looking at the building (they left it exactly the way it was on the 26 July- you can still see the holes of the shooting in the walls).
But then you know what all those ‘graffitis’ are about in Cuba which mention the 26 de Julio- it refers to that day where the revolutionary movement started.



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