Santiago de Cuba,or: Que calor!

Wow. Not even half of my travel time was done and I already arrived in Santiago de Cuba. With a lot of luck, I got the last seat in the Viazul Bus from Santa Clara to Santiago- I was already scared that I would either have to spend the night at the bus station or that I would have to take the train (which is not really an option. My friend called at the train station and asked if there was a train going to Santiago and the answer was ”maybe. Just wait at the station and see if the train stops or drives through.” GREAT) The bus ride was horrible, it took the whole night and it was super cold as the aircondition was turned on like crazy. At 7.30 I arrived in Santiago at the casa that my Santa Clara casa had already organized. The casa was wonderful: Great dinner for $6CUC, breakfast included, clean…. I can only recommend it:

Casa Laudelina y Niurka
Calle Cornelio Robert No. 115
entre 10 de Octubre y Escudero, Santiago de Cuba
(53-22) 653042
They are also in tripadvisor

I walked a bit through the city, which tu20141226_090800rned out to be beautiful. There are lots of nice parks, cute buildings and I found the pollution better than in Havana. The only thing that I found a bit strange was that there were not many cafes where one could sit outside. And also there were not many tourists.
But the heat was killing me, and so I escaped in an internet cafe (Etecsa) and then I took a looooong nap.


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