Day 9: Santa Clara,or: Pain

Before I even started the journey to my next destination, I have to say that my last night in Trinidad was hell. Really. Running around for the whole day in the sun made my sand flea bites on my legs suffer even more . It hurt horribly during the night, so I couldn’t sleep. At one point, I grabed a towel, let it soak in some ice cold water and then wrapped it around my legs- this was the only way to deal with the pain. Then, I managed to sleep for a bit, but at 3 am the neighbour’s chickens started to make awful noises UNTIL 7AM. My night was literally over. Then, the next shock. After I said goodbye to my beloved casa, I went to the Viazul bus stop. It turned out, that the timetable which I got in my casa in Havana already expired- there was no bus therefore going to Santa Clara in the morning. In Cuba, the alternative to the bus is to get a cab- either a collectivo (you, or the Taxi driver needs to find more people to join and then you can split the costs), or just a regular one. Since nobody wanted to travel to Santa Clara, I was trapped. The guy at the bus stop advised me to take the bus to Cienfuegos and then to try to get a collectivo there to Santa Clara.


In Cienfuegos, I was again the only one who wanted to go to Santa Clara, so I just negotiated and got a super cheap taxi to Santa Clara ($15CUC!!)
Little note: Every Cuban who owns a car automatically is a taxi- legal or illegal. Some of them are really rude and ask for ridiculously high prices- never ever agree to the first offer that you get, mostly even half of the price is still ridiculously high. Be wise, I mean, a normal Cuban person makes about $30 CUC per month. So, it is not realistic at all to demand $10CUC for a five minute drive.

I arrived at my casa which my other casa had arranged- they were some family friends, otherwise all casas were fully booked because of the christmas festival. My room was awful. Totally disgusting. There was mould in the shower and the small of the bathroom was indescribable. The bedroom was dark and dirty. But whatever. The landlady also told be that I couldn’t have dinner there, but she arranged that I could eat at some friend’s place.

I spent the rest of the day outside, where my legs were killing me. The sun burned on my flea bites and I was driving crazy. I decided to go to a pharmacy and ask for something which could help against the itching pain. But: surprise. Cuban pharmacies are really strange, the shelves are empty and the staff just tells you that they cannot help you and that I either have to see a doctor or go to an international pharmacy. I went then to a tourist pharmacy, but no luck there either.

I was frustrated, my legs hurt, and everything was just awful. So, I just stayed in bed with wet towels wrapped around my legs and I napped.
But: the lady where I had dinner arange a seat for me in a truck which would take some people to Remedios for the festival the next day- yeaayy!!!
I was super excited- but I did not expect to witness such a crazy, hilarious, puzzling festival in this moment….


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