Day 7: Trinidad, or: Beach time& a historical moment…

After a wonderful breakfast, I took the bus to the beach- direction Playa Ancon.
I got off at the first stop, so basically a small beach next to Playa Ancon. I just wanted to be in peace and to enjoy the beach. The water was great, the weather was great…. But damn it, I should have brought a book with me or something.
Instead of boring you with lots of text, here some pictures:


Anyways, there was a price that I had to pay for these beautiful pictures.
Sandfleas! After about 4pm, my legs started to itch like crazy. And then I noticed tiny flies sucking blood out of my legs! At one point, it was impossible to stay. The bus would leave at 6pm, but it was already 5 and I could20141224_135722n’t stay any longer. And there I saw a group of young people my age, jumping around and scratching their legs the way I did. So, I joined them and we started talking. They were waiting for a cab, and thank god, they had one spare seat and they told me that I could join them. Amazing! It turned out that those were all backpackers who had met in Havanna. They were from Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Australia and Italy. But only one of them spoke Spanish. I was already excited, as I thought that I could maybe join them in their travels. But it turned out that they already wanted to leave the next day to Santa Clara. And as I felt really comfortable in Trinidad, I didn’t want to leave yet. They told me that there was a festival in Remedios for Christmas Eve and that I sould definitely try to go there. And maybe, we would see each other there then.

Anyways, I got home with my burning legs and the senora of my casa immediately gave me some cream to put on in order for the itching to stop. I had great dinner then, and afterwards I had coffee with my hos20141220_192005t and her husband and we had a nice chat. They are both working in tourism, which explains why they are that well-off. They are both around 50 years old, really modern and completely supportive of the Cuban system. Both of them appreciate the education system and health care and they underline that they are happy that Cuba is safe and that there is no violence like in Cuba’s neighbouring country. We talked a lot about violence in Europe and the United States, and they praised my Spanish! This really meant a lot to me. I am used to people saying that my English or French is good, but I always felt very insecure about my Spanish. So, this was nice.
A20141221_215209t the end of the evening, I went out for a drink- a Pina Colada in a Pina, freshly made, for $3CUC. This was the cherry of the cake, and I went home happily.

In bed, I watched some TV. It was Raul Castro, reading a speech out in parliament. But I was a bit late, and I didn’t concentrate much. I just understood a part when he mentioned something about the United States….? After the parliament speech, there was a concert on TV, for the ‘Cuban Five’. They were released?? What? In this moment, I wasn’t really aware about what was happening right now. I had no clue about the historical moment which I had just witnessed.


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