Day 5: Still Cienfuegos, Trip to a little fisher village

After my awfully melancholic day, I decided to try an other mean of communication in order to be in touch with people I care about. This phase of loneliness had to end right here. So, I went to the same shop where I got the ph20150223_191732one card, Etecsa telepunto, and I got a 1 hour internet card ‘tarjeta de navegacion’ with a log in code and a password. And I was surprised- the internet was fast, the computers alright and there were not even a lot of people- the huge line in front of the shop corresponded to those who wanted to recharge their phone prepaid card or who wanted to pay their phone bill. $5CUC for 1 hour internet is probably not affordable for every Cuban. I enjoyed my internet time, and with some more positive energy I went to a cafe to get some beer.

I enjoyed watching people walking by on the streets, and then here he was again of course, Julio. Can he smell where I am?? Anyways, he talked to me and told me that at one o’clock the boat is leaving- al barque- and that I should join him to see a typical fisher village.20141219_135021
No matter how disappointed and angy I still was, I couldn’t resist. I came to Cuba to see how people are actually living, and this was my chance. I had to pay $1CUC for the boat ride (of course, Julio was allowed to pay in $MN), but it was fantastic. Although the boat was not fast and it was packed with people standing, I enjoyed the wind which played with my hair and the view was simply gorgeous.No matter how bad my mood is, the view of the ocean, the sun and a light summer breeze make my heart beat faster.

Julio wanted to buy some fish for his mom, 20141219_135006so he talked to different people and fishermen of the village in order to find out where to find fresh fish. I just followed him and looked around. It was amazing. the boats were in a bad state compared to our standards, people wore old clothes and all of them were barefoot. And there was fish everywhere just laying in the sun in the boats. Pelicans were in the water next to the boats, eyeing the fish. Sadly, there was also a lot of plastic garbage next to the shore.


As apparently, a white tourist girl was not really a good companion in order to find cheap and good fish, Julio asked me to wait for him while he continued his search. In the meanwhile, I went to a small castle, the ‘Castillo de Jagua’ and for $1CUC I even got a guide to explain me things. I discovered for instance, that next to the castle, there was the only Nuclear Power Plant which Cuba build during the time of the Soviet Union. However, it was never used, and up to now Cuba does not have a single nuclear power plant. Yeay! Later on during my travels, I would also see a lot of solar pannels.


Julio came back successful with a bag of fish, and we went back to Cienfuegos. He had to bring back the fish and asked me, if I wanted to come with as his mom really would like to meet me. I was hesitant- he could turn out to be a rapist or killer….
But again, my curiosity was bigger and I really wanted to see how he lived. We walked to his place, which was only 10 minutes by foot from the Plaza Jose Marti. I followed Julio through a gate and we were immediately surprised by a dog. I love dogs, so I didn’t have a problem with it. And really, there was 20141219_135743his house. Or if it can be called a house. It was more like a stone shed. His mother and aunt sat in front of the entrance and they both welcomed me very friendly. I followed Julio into the house and I was in shock. There were no doors, only some curtains. Everything was made out of stone, and it was basically a big room including the kitchen,living room and dining room. There was also a bed in it. Then, there were three rooms adjacent to the big one, two bed rooms, and, I followed Julio into the third room- I thought he would show me his room, but as I started to hear a water-like noise and he started to scream, I realized that I just had followed him into the bathroom where he started to pee. Ooops. I was insanely embarassed, quickly turned around and started to yell that he should have warned me. While he was busy, I used the moment to have a closer look at the apartment. There were no valuable items in it, everything was very simple and old. When Julio came back, he showed me his passport with the visas to Germany. So, he really had been to Germany before and this was not just a scam. He showed me proudly his German dictionnaries and books, and I somehow started to feel very bad.

The rest of the day didn’t make it better. Although on the one hand, I didn’t want to trust him anymore, I still felt bad. His family was poor, he lived in a stone shed without any d20141219_164432oors,…no privacy at all! But still…he was a Cuban guy. He even said it himself.
Anyhow, we spent the afternoon at ”El puente”, a nice place with a great view. He bought me fish as the guy who works at a bar nearby was his cousin or some close relative. And we talked a lot. Then, we met two Australian tourists and he started dancing with them, since I refused to join. The three of them decided to go partying at night, but I refused to join them. I really didn’t want the same thing to happen again. Plus, I wanted to leave early to continue my travels. Since somehow, I felt like I was done with Cienfuegos.


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